Which Auto Body Tools Should Every Car Have?

A useful tool to have when a car breaks down is a cell phone, which should be used to contact a tow truck or a service vehicle. But what happens when the issue isn’t all that bad? What auto body tools should a vehicle have to help the driver perform their own repairs?

Hydraulic jack (and associated tools)

One tool to never leave home without is the hydraulic jack, an element that no motorist should forget. Most vehicles come with its own jack, but it may be a good idea to go out and buy a reliable one. There are several models on the market, each one recognized by its quality.

With the jack should be the “crosshead”, a tool that is designed to loosen the lug nuts on the tire’s rim. Having a jack will do a driver no good if they do not have this tool.

Battery cables

A car battery can die at the most inopportune times. For this reason, it is important to have some cables in the vehicle. Drivers, these days, do not like stopping to help strangers left on the side of the road.

Having some battery cables, in this instance, will do folks very little good if another vehicle does not stop. However, there are small machines attached to cables that will charge the battery itself. These, of course, are more expensive that the cables by themselves, but it is a sensible buy nonetheless.

Adjustable wrenches, ratchets, and insulating tape

“Allen” keys, adjustable wrenches, and ratchets should be inside all vehicles. These are very necessary because there are times when nuts or bolts must be adjusted. The Irwin brand is functional, made with the highest quality, and affordable.

Insulating tape is ideal for small electrical emergency repairs. There are numerous brands on the market with different characteristics and colors, but all can be found at online or at your local hardware or parts store. Even though this does not seem like a very important tool, it could prevent electrical fires and make other small jobs very easy.

Pliers and screwdrivers

Hand tools are very necessary to have; Pliers, flathead and phillips screwdrivers, a small shovel, etc. All these items should be in your trunk. Lastly, a can of WD-40 is a fantastic item to have as it helps to loosen nuts and bolts, prevents squeaking and squealing, etc.