How To Get Best Used SUV

The best used SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) to buy depends on the needs of you and your family. SUVs have become one of the most popular, sought after vehicles today. This is because of the spacious interior, flashy technology for entertainment as well as the large amounts of cargo the vehicle can carry.

SUVs come in lots of shapes and sizes and deciding which is best for you depends on how you will be using the vehicle. There are compact SUVs, mid-sized SUVs and large-sized SUVs.

Compact sport utility vehicles sometimes referred to as crossover SUVs, offer better gas mileage than its larger brothers or sisters. Because of the size, you can expect between 23-25 mpg in the city and 28-31 mpg across the highway.

You will find that if you are looking for fuel efficiency as your top priority, the compact SUV will fit the bill the best.

In exchange for better gas mileage, you will have to trade in a little bit of passenger room and cargo space. Most compacts will carry 5 passengers comfortably with a smaller hatch-back styling to lug around the equipment you need to tote.

So, with compact, consider the size of your family as well as the gear you need to carry around to your family’s activities. If you have two small kids as well as their strollers and toys, a compact SUV may suit you just fine.

A couple of good examples of compact SUVs are the Ford Escape and the Honda CRV.

If you decide that this simply isn’t large enough for your family or your cargo, you may want to choose a used mid-sized SUV.

A mid-sized sport utility vehicle will still get you decent gas mileage averaging 16-17 mpg in the city to 23-24 mpg over the roadways. This slightly lower fuel economy offers more comfortable seating capacity.

Most often mid-sized SUVs will comfortably seat 6-8 passengers depending on the make and model you choose. Some of these will more easily seat 8 smaller passengers and 6 adult-sized passengers. It is best to do your homework on the different make and models before you make your choice here.

Where the seating may be more appealing, some mid-sized SUVs offer a more car-like driving feel and therefore don’t have the cargo capacity.

So do your research to find the perfect fit for you.

If you and your family spend the weekends camping, boating, or jet-skiing; you will also want to check into the towing capacity of the sport utility vehicle that you choose. Mid-sized will offer more towing capabilities where most compact SUVs do not.

If you do find yourself in need of stronger towing capacity, most likely you will want to check into the larger used SUVs.

The large-sized sport utility vehicles offer towing up to 8,000 to 9,000 pounds. This is comparable to some pickup trucks.

In trade for the towing, you will lose some of the fuel economy with large-sized SUVs. It is average to get 14 mpg for city driving and only about 18 mpg running down the highway.

Of-course, these babies have much more seating ability with most of them comfortably carrying 8 adults for a long ride. In addition the cargo space with which you can carry your stuff is much larger also.

Now you are able to see that the best used SUV to buy truly depends on the purpose you will be using the vehicle for. It is best to look up online some of the best models to choose for the size that will suit your needs.


How To Choose SUV for Your Family

Many SUV manufacturers co- exist in the SUV manufacturing sector, which is why there is a large global market of SUV cars. They have given consumers numerous options to choose from when they go out to decide which SUV to buy.

These vehicles that come in different sizes, shapes and models are the sought after options for family use. Each SUV has certain characteristics that are credited for the car’s performance.

Efficiency is the biggest parameter to consider when sourcing for this kind of vehicle. Size does not directly affect its performance, although the weight of the car may affect top speed and acceleration. In general SUVs have a large cargo or passenger area and high standard performance which makes them a good option for a family vehicle.

Comfort is one of the key components of this vehicle that attracts users. Whenever we search the market to decide which car to buy, we tend to give a lot of importance to the convenience factor. This is due to the fact that the car does not alone give comfort to the person driving but also to the other passengers.

This vehicle is designed to accommodate more people that the other cars. With the fact that SUV’s are known as family cars it becomes extremely important to understand the family needs associated with the car and provide convenience to everybody. The spacious design gives room to all the passengers to travel comfortably in this car, especially when going for family trips. SUV’s usually are designed to accommodate five people but there are many which would accommodate even seven or eight easily.

We tend to place importance on reliability also while purchasing a car. The SUV cars possess the ability to deliver outstanding performance in all weather conditions and on all kinds of roads due to their off-road capability. They help you avoid the apprehensions related to traveling long distances and on different kinds of roads.

With the constant development in technology, the manufacturers have been able to offer consumers better features and options for their SUV’s. Wireless connections to online information and entertainment services are the latest technology that have entered the SUV market which include mapping data and information as well as connections to music services.

The SUV market is large and fresh models are always coming out but the few most popular ones for 2012 & 2013 are 2012 Toyota RAV4, 2013 Mazda CX-5, 2013 Ford Escape and 2013 Jeep Compass.