Coupes Make a Comeback, Benefiting Buyers Greatly

Four doors can be too much, and two will sometimes be plenty. The top coupes on the market today cut back on their means of entry to deliver a lot of performance and efficiency in streamlined, attractive packages. While many buyers will still find that a sedan or even an SUV will make more sense, a great coupe can do an excellent job of making driving fun while still remaining practical. Coupe buyers today tend to gravitate toward a few specific models and do so for excellent reasons.

The coupe layout of Honda’s legendary Civic, for example, remains one of the most popular choices in this car class. Honda is well known as a manufacturer that takes reliability seriously, and it has rarely faltered in this mission. While older Civic coupes often retain an impressive amount of their value on the secondary market, retail pricing for brand-new models keeps the affordability high. With certain trims of the Civic Coupe also boasting truly impressive performance, there is likely no single car that represents the entry-level possibilities better.

Moving further up in the same manufacturer’s range reveals another favorite. While the Honda Accord has sometimes seemed oddly positioned or even misplaced, recent versions of the vehicle have made its purpose clear. Offering a fair amount more space and performance than the Civic along with a host of extra features, the Accord makes for a good step up that remains within reach for many buyers.

For those who seek even more than what the Accord Coupe has to offer, things start to look still more exciting. At that point, buyers can start to step into what can rightly be regarded as true sports cars, even if certain versions of both the Civic and Accord might make similar claims. Coupes like the Toyota 86 and Nissan’s well-regarded Z show the difference that two doors can make compared to four, focusing on performance intently enough that they make the value of the sacrifice plain.

With so many interesting options to look into today, buyers who prefer sleeker, less cluttered lines and smaller cabins will find plenty of exciting coupes to attract their attention. That is true at just about every price point and with regard to a wide range of manufacturers.